Android Market For Galaxy Y

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Does Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 support Android Market

But should you find yourself in need of a new organizing app the Android Market is full of free choices that are excellent for the most part. This may solve your problem otherwise try to use with the older version of market and then update again to the latest market. And as with most Galaxy smartphones, the S Y is equipped with all the necessary apps. Unable to download any app from the android market in Samsung Galaxy Y.

Problem with not working Android Market on Samsung Galaxy Y

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Does Samsung Galaxy Y S support Android Market

Does Samsung Galaxy Y S support Android Market

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Unable to download any app from the android market in Samsung Galaxy Y

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Unable to download any app from the android market in Samsung Galaxy Y

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Android Market, organizer, torrent kannada songs Google Maps. Whenever I am trying to open the android market and install any app my mobile is unable to do so.

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