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In the bullpen, Ray goes through his mail and finds a postcard. Beaumont delivers the van filled with fertilizer to destroy the building but is caught and the bomb is defused. Shea chases him up to the roof. And it seems like Lloyd knows him and the man has it in for him.

Ray approaches Ronnie with a cell phone. Julianne proposes a toast, and everyone enjoys themselves before the cons head back to Maybelle.

The team later learn that Mo Blakely, one of Ronnie's previous employees was murdered by Ronnie. He ignores it and Ray picks up the phone.

Breakout Kings - Season 2 - IMDb

After which at the warehouse, Lloyd follows Julianne to the coffee nook and asks her about someone named Greg Margolis. As they work the case, Shea uses his contacts to help getting Vanessa freed without telling the others. But he assures them that they will cross paths with Damien again, and when they do, they're taking him down. They arrive at a trash dump and find a bag waiting for them. However the lead is short lived after the team is too late in stopping Tompkins from taking her son with her.

Shea informs Ray he has found the sixth escapee but has no more information and requests extraction. He walks out of the office, leaving the full shot glass next to the photo of Charlie. If he mentions Erica, he will find out how far his reach is. McCann and Day both get away after Charlie collapses with a heart problem and is shot in the leg.

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The convicts are distracted by their suspicions that Ray is not a U. To commit the perfect crime. The convict kills the guard and escapes to go find the love of his life. The team after arriving at the warehouse learns that Cruz has lung cancer and has only two or three months to live. Lloyd presses his sweater into Charlie's wound.

Erica accuses him of being pretty critical considering he didn't have to talk to anyone. At the office, Director Wendell states he wants Ray off the task force, but Charlie puts his own career on the line to keep the team together.

Erica debates on running, taking Lloyd with her, but Julianne tells them that the Marshals will protect them and their families, and she does not want to help hunt them down should they run away. They eventually track Carmen down to a dock where a boat is headed for Colombia and find her in a shipping container. When they open it they find a hankie inside.

None of the cons are thrilled. She starts setting off fire alarms one by one. Lloyd gets to the location and points the gun at Max. Lloyd walks into the Ray's office and hands him the envelope to pass along to the parole board. So Erica and Shea hide the convict.

Lloyd leaves Julianne alone in the bathroom. Marshals Chief Director Richard Wendell shows up.

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He agrees to do an interview with a reporter and uses it to escape. At the crime scene, they learn he was searching for something.

Breakout Kings (TV Series ) - IMDb

The Complete First Season. At this moment Damien calls again, and again Ray answers. He loves her so much in fact, that he killed her abusive stepfather. Ray goes to his daughter to bring her home and returns Charlie's shield to his widow. After Craig leaves, Ray tells the team that no matter how angry they are, soundfonts sf2 pack he refuses to dishonor Charlie by going rogue.

After McCann and Day kill two more people, the team tracks them to a small town, where they get into a shootout with Ray and Charlie. It's a tough, competitive cable world out there, and as the cons might testify, coming away with a big score requires risks. He tells her he is going to turn himself in and implicate her as well.

List of Breakout Kings characters. How many episodes of Breakout Kings have you seen? Breakout Kings was originally in development for the Fox network.

Rodney also learns that it was her who made him kill the stepfather by lying that he molested Lorraine. In the process of rescuing Becky and capturing Damien, Charlie gets shot and Damien escapes. Julianne Simms Brooke Nevin also joins the team as an analyst. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week.

Erica uses this moment to go to the local payphone and call Pete. In the meantime, neighbor Pete comes to meet Erica. Erica grabs him and they continue to drag him to where ever they go.

He gives her a number to reach him. Before they leave, Erica is contacted by Pete and she tells him to disappear. Pete stands there, stunned as Erica lies and tells him that she was in prison for mortgage fraud. With her plans unraveling she is now mentally unstable and attempts to kill her son and commit suicide as a last resort but is stopped by Ray.

Breakout Kings - Season 2 - IMDb