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He admits to liking the boys after dealing with an absolutely perfect boy band that he hated because they were so perfect. When Kendall cancels his picnic date Jo thinks he doesn't want to have a date with her and accidentally calls Jo Lucy. She wants everything cleaned up.

Then Lucy held Kendall's hand which Kendall didn't mind. The guys and Jo finish the day with a happy ending until they figure out Lucy is moving back in. He also constantly get in fights with James, but they usually blow over pretty fast.

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She is the adult responsible of Big Time Rush and the only parent to move to live with them. When he asked her out Lucy said she just wanted to be friends which meant no. They also later in the special show some admiration for Carlos. It is also revealed in Big Time Movie that James is afraid of heights. However, they still keep an unresolved on again off again relationship.

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He's cliche and always has a frown on his face while the boys are performing, even when he likes the song. Chatsworth iowa semi truck dark. In Big Time Dreams, she gets into an argument with James about leaving without saying goodbye.

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She was extremely impressed and ends up becoming friends with the boys and Camille. Kendall tries to get the project done quickly so they can be done with each other, but Jett proves to be very wasteful of resources and he pays no contribution to their project. May jessica roa, aqualla robinson. After her departure Kendall falls into heartbreak depression, which he manages to get over with his friends and family's help. While dining with all the guys Lucy holds Kendall's hand which Kendall doesn't mind.

When Moon is defeated, Simon's name is cleared and they clear the boys names. He is also a frenemy with Katie Knight and though they constantly get on each other nerves they seem to care the one for another and occasionally they get along well. Griffin has also a daughter named Mercedes, who despite being spoiled and having her father's obnoxious behaviour, has a softer side as seen in Big Time Demos. It seems Lucy and Kendall might have feelings for each other. As he leaned in to kiss her, she slapped him.

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But Kendall finds a way to solve their problem. Moreover, Jennifer One is told to be the most sensitive Jennifer.

Although he takes his work seriously, Kendall loves to joke around and is usually hyper. Instead Kendall asks Jo for another chance for them to start a new relationship again.

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According to Kendall, he isn't very tough without it. In Big Time Surprise he and Lucy share their first kiss but are interrupted by Jo who has come back to the Palmwoods, forcing him to decide between the two. They keep the longest relationship on the series until Jo accepts a three-year movie deal to New Zealand and moves there thus breaking up with Kendall. However, it should be noted that Carlos never intends to be insensitive or hurtful when he does this. He and Sylvia are married.

Her name and personality are allusions to the famous horror writer Stephen King. He has also been the butt of several fat jokes. With the help of Katie and the boys, Tyler is able to hide from her. She also has recorded quite a few of her own demos.

Who is Chelsea Ricketts dating? Chelsea Ricketts boyfriend, husband

Although usually portraying an intimidating and serious personality, he has a kind and caring heart towards others including Gustavo. Nevertheless, Jo and Kendall are the longest actual dating couple at the Palm Woods and no matter their fights they always get back together.

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He is shown first hitting Gustavo with a limo going to his Grandma's House. In the episode, it is claimed that they are both in love and care deeply the one for another. In Big Time Surprise, He and Kendall seem to be on better terms and often fights with James on which of them is better looking. After Kendall found out what was going on he helped Lucy lie to her parents. He is portrayed as the glue that keeps the band together.

Eventually though Carlos finally got a girlfriend in the series finale where he started dating Alex Vega. Erin sanders dating cherokee. However, he's also the nicest, as mentioned by Katie, Camille and Mrs.

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Who is Carlos PenaVega dating? Carlos PenaVega girlfriend, wife