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Dating peripheral iv dressing, acute management

If rapid transfusion of small volumes is required, draw the required volume into a syringe through a to micron filter. Draw up required volume of diluent in appropriate size syringe and then pull back the syringe plunger to enable you to inject the drug into the syringe using aseptic technique. Minimum minutes prior to cannulation apply local anesthetic cream e.

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Clean the rubber bung with alcohol swab before injecting prepared drug into infusion fluid bag via the additive port and mix well by shaking the bag. When using Splints, ensure these are positioned and strapped with the limb and digits in a neutral position to prevent restricting blood or nerve supply and pressure sores. Without contaminating the key parts insert the spike on the administration set into the septum of the infusion bag. Refer neonatal extravasation guideline. This guideline is currently under review.

Acute management

This will adequately immobilise the joint and minimise the risk of venous damage resulting from flexion. Ensure the drug is well mixed in the syringe by gentle shaking.

Consider placing a small piece of cotton wool ball or gauze underneath the hub of the cannula to reduce pressure. Assessments are completed hourly to determine that the fluid infusing is as per medical prescription.

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If desired, place sterile tape over the hub and wings of the device before placing the transparent dressing. Ensure the drug is well mixed in burette by shaking the burette. Hourly on fluid balance flowsheet it is advised to clear the infusion pump hourly. For example, pop-up books, musical books, andy and jacqueline dating sim blowing bubbles and guided imagery. Document date and reason of removal.

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There is no limit to the length of time that a cannula may remain in situ and with appropriate care, several days may be possible. If extravasation occurs, assess the Grade of extravasation Injury. Inspect the splint at least daily and change if soiled by blood or fluid leakage.

Use a Neonatal transfusion set includes a to micron filter required for blood products and syringe driver for delivering small volumes of blood products. Immediately stop the infusion and disconnect the tubing as close to the catheter hub as possible. Administer blood product transfusions via a volumetric infusion pump or syringe driver to ensure accurate delivery. Administering blood products Check patient and blood product identification as per the Blood Product Transfusion Procedure. Both local and systemic assessments should be completed.