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Because he's so chill, man. And by does it all, we mean does everything she wants because she's a boss bitch. These are the questions we have to keep asking ourselves. View this photo on Instagram.

Share On more Share On more More. Running with ears in the air. That movement, those swerves, just inspiring. So brave, and now, so wise.

It epitomizes all that is cute and right in this world. The Orange County-based pair went viral last year for their unusual bond. The pomeranian has even starred in a Katy Perry music video.

Share On lineapp Share On lineapp. This photo was taken by Albert Camus right before he wrote The Stranger as he realized no greater meaning could ever be fathomed. Sometimes the simplest birthdays are the best birthdays when you're with the ones you love. Because of the heavy influence of bear military tactics to their cause, the boar was originally misidentified as such. Search within Editor's Choice.

Pat is bringing back circus chic whether you like it or not. Looking straight at you with big puppy eyes. Thomas and Frankie were the first two basset hounds to complete a half marathon without any training. Talk about making metaphorical lemons into lemonade. Because this is how you feel about pizza to a T.

Like, he's always forcing you to think about the world around you. Because they got it going on and they know it.

Share On vk Share On vk Share. If you took him out of said frames, halo trial aimbot you are a damned fool.

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Uh, have you been on the internet? This is the ultimate face of balance, repose, and dignity. The pup has a specially made paintbrush and regularly executes pieces of abstract art.

But once the humans saw this pooch, they cheered and just knew that they were witnessing greatness. It's a good reminder that sometimes your dreams are closer than you think. Studio shot over black background.

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Pugs are often seen as being weak and afraid, but not Melvin. This photo matters so much that, despite not being able to use the real photo for copyright reasons, I needed to draw my own interpretation. Bush, living alongside the family's Scottish terrier Barney.

Ever call your mom and she puts you on the phone with whoever she's with, even though you would really rather not? The corgi was fine but the pug insisted on documenting it Blair Witch style for the two hours their parents were gone. Only the most skilled of acrobats can catch a nugget with this much style. The grace and determination, all while keeping a huge smile on his face, should be award-winning.

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Although the Peace was ultimately restored, this picture from the front lines is a powerful reminder of what we could have lost. He now lives a lavish lifestyle in the hills of Los Angeles, where there is no fall. Don't wake someone up from their nap. Keywords separated by comma.

This is the only record we have of that fateful night. The English Springer Spaniel made friends on both sides of aisle with her adorable hijinks and litter of puppies! Share On sms Share On sms. Sure, the humans didn't originally intend it that way.

This is the first time the pug and his corgi brother were left home alone. Russian scientists chose her for the job just nine days before the launch. Share On email Share On email Email.

This is basically the entirety of human existence in one photo. From Contributor separated by comma. Share On twitter Share On twitter Share.

His overbite only adds to his charm. This action saved countless lives. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. All Photos Illustrations Videos Audio. This is how everyone should open their homes to people, all the time.


You've probably seen him in the photos that come with picture frames. Never underestimate the power of some good side-eye. Looking adorable just comes with the territory. This is the real Nicole Scherzinger. Remember when your mom told you to smile when you really didn't want to?

This is probably the most beautiful picture to ever exist on earth. Shortly after this photo was taken, this pooch was inspired to invent the pumpkin spice latte. Here she is in holding her puppy, Sue. The baby pictured will undoubtedly go on to cure cancer due to the love, support, and nap time bliss these Frenchies provided. Ralph could see the finish up ahead.