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To them and to all other readers we respectfully commend this book as being the best and most impersonal history of any army ever written. The air was full of balls and deadly missiles.

The Yankee seized the reins, set himself back in the saddle, put the muzzle of his pistol in W. Our company H had one man killed, Pat Hanley, an Irishman, who had joined our company at Chattanooga. Rations with us were always scarce. The harvest was great and the laborers were not few.

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Lee Bullock came in command of the First Tennessee Regiment. Flournoy standing right at the muzzle of the Napoleon guns, and the next moment seemed to be enveloped in smoke and fire from the discharge of the cannon. But when we came out we were as limp as dishrags. Completed Mia Owens and her mother have just moved to California from England to find a better life.

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It's a desert that lives only in bitter memories. Its history was black and dark and damning. His face was a face of bronze. He had, himself, set the example, and so trained his regiment that all the armies in the world could not whip it. Like the old preacher who caught the bear on Sunday.

We made the old fellow gather as much as he could carry, and made him carry it nearly to camp, when we dismissed him, a wiser if not a better and richer man. Every soldier had enough blankets, shirts, pants and old boots to last a year, and the empty bottles and jugs would have set up a first-class drug store. That night, while Tom and I were on our posts, we saw a number of very dim lights, which seemed to be in motion.

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Soldiers from all commands would fall out of ranks and stop by the road side and swear that they would not follow such a leader any longer. The court-martial was made up of seven or eight officers of a different regiment. To stop his brother from an unsuitable marriage, Nikias Dranias holds the woman he believes to be Daryle prisoner on his island. In fact, they had seen enough of this miserable yet tragic farce.

Find thousands of books to read online and download free eBooks. In other words, the military had absorbed the civil. Rosecrans, that wiley old fox, kept Lee and Jackson both busy trying to catch him, but Rosey would not be caught. And we would wonder what all this marching was for, as the war was over anyhow.

His eyes blazed and looked like those of a tiger when he has just torn his victim limb from limb. Directed to go in front, I was being marched to Bragg's headquarters. Also, Lieutenant Woldridge, with both eyes shot out. Pfifer was struck dumb with amazement. These luxuries were withheld in order to crush the very heart and spirit of his troops.

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The trees and hills seemed white with livid fire. In fact, my hand trembles so, and my feelings are so overcome, that it is hard for me to write at all. We, the private soldiers, did not know what was going on among the generals. He seemed to be in deep meditation.

It was read to us in line of battle at Winchester. We thought, well surely we will draw rations tonight.

The next morning about daylight, while standing videt, I saw a body of twenty-five or thirty Yankees approaching, and I raised my gun for the purpose of shooting, and pulled down, but the cap popped. To ensure optimal functioning, our website uses cookies. They could not do too much for us. Hence the gambler was in his glory. Lute was shot through the lungs and was vomiting blood all the while, and begging us to lay him down and let him die.

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By some circumstance or other, Lieutenant J. There we had to stay until our systems had had sufficient recuperation. We believe in the doctrine of State rights, they in the doctrine of centralization. Tom in the meantime had lain flat on his belly and placed his gun across the chunk he had been sitting on. You might as well try to shake the nerves of a rock or tree as those of Colonel Field.

Calhoun, Patrick Henry, and Randolph, of Roanoke, saw the venom under their wings, and warned the North of the consequences, but they laughed at them. They had him up before the church, agreed to let him off if he did not again set his trap. Mumfordsville had surrendered. He knew not what fear was, or the meaning of the word fear. The first night we arrived at this place, the wind blew a perfect hurricane, and every tent and marquee in Lee's and Jackson's army was blown down.

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About the same time we were hailed from three Confederate officers, at full gallop right toward us, alcohol software not to shoot. Discover and read free books by indie authors as well as tons of classic books.