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Films directed by Manmohan Desai. Still, the acting was so broad that I was able to at least figure out the basics of the plot. After her passing, Gungaram works for Hariram while Jumna goes to the city to study. Allo Nerello Okariki Okaru - M.

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The son grows up to be a rebellious alcoholic. There is Hansraj, who does it, and with the result Jamuna separates from Gangaa. Research and Reference Division, India.

Ganga becomes a truck driver who transports goods. Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Ajit. Brought up by his grandfather, Arjun Singh moves to the city in search of a new job and life. Prithviraj Kapoor, Madhubala, Dilip Kumar. When Ganga is framed by the landlord for a crime he did not commit, he escapes to the mountains with his girlfriend, Dhanno, and joins a band of bandits.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. The songs in the film are part of the story.

While driving his car on a rainy night, Anand's car breaks down, and he goes to seek shelter in a nearby house. India, a reference annual.

Ganga Tracks Albums play all start radio. Gunga Jumna Ganga Jamna movie poster. Fresh and Different Indian movies.

Villains, Vamps and Henchmen in Hindi Cinema. The film was a trendsetter in Indian cinema. Jevana Vahini Gangothri - M. Indian Council for Public Relations. Thakur Hansraj Amrish Puri is a greedy man who kills his brother-in-law to fulfill his greed.

An ex-convict is bent on revenge against the people responsible for his wrongful imprisonment but is pit against his estranged son who is now a police officer. The remainder of the movie deals with how Ganga and Jamuna reunite, the roles played by Saraswati and Shankar, and how Ganga exacts his revenge from Thakur. Audible Download Audio Books. The entire village bails her out but the shock kills her. Ganga Jamna was a defining example of the dacoit film genre.

Conversations on Hindi Cinema with Javed Akhtar. Czechoslovak Academy of Arts, Prague. Ganga sends Jumna to the city to study, and supports him with funds that he earns driving an oxcart and making deliveries for the zamindar. While Jumna is studious, Gungaram is the opposite, but has a good heart and decides to use his earnings to ensure his brother gets a decent education.

Upon his release, Ganga learns that his brother has become destitute and attacks and robs the zamindar in a rage. The film also gained good response from overseas. However there are many, who would like to separate the happy lovers.

Amitabh Bachchan, Bharat Bhushan, Chandrashekhar. Second Best Feature Film in Hindi. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Tagilandi Rabba Samba - S.

Gangaa Jamunaa begin to love each other and pledge to become one, Saraswati silently loves Gangaa, and dedicates her life to him. After her employer, Hariram, accuses Govindi of theft, their house is searched, evidence is found and she is arrested. Vijay who is a corrupt officer by day, turns a vigilante by night in order to make the city crime free. The soundtrack for the movie was composed by Naushad and the lyrics were penned by Shakeel Badayuni.

They were playing it too loud for me to fall asleep so I thought I might as well watch. Learn more More Like This. Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Balraj Sahni. Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Nagarjuna Akkineni.

Ganga who has discovered Jamuna decides to go there to take shelter with Jamuna pretending they are a couple. The film is about two brothers, Ganga and Jamna, growing up in a village controlled by an evil landlord.

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Likewise the characters of our story Gangaa Jamunaa and Saraswathi desire to meet and merge in love of each other. Vana Jallu Hai Subrahmanyam - Ganga. Meanwhile, a girl, Saraswati Jayaprada emerges, who loves Ganga. The next day, when the same goon returns to take Jamuna away forcibly, Ganga fights him. In the process of providing Jamuna with body heat, songs punjabi latest album they end up having sex.

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Honest police officer Hanuman Prasad Singh lives like friend and family with a magician by the name of Ramesh Kumar. Encyclopaedia of Indian cinema. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So most dialogue-writers and most song-writers are from the Urdu discipline, even today. Police Superintendent as Nazir Husain S.

Jamuna Meenakshi Sheshadri jumps on the truck one day to save herself from a goon who is after her. Clear currently playing song.

According to Bachchan, he learnt more about acting from Gunga Jumna than he did from any other film. This article needs additional citations for verification. Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Motilal. Cheema Cheema Simhadri - S.

Automatically playing similar songs. Take any of the songs, none are out of place, and all compliment their respective situations beautifully. The film has received widespread critical acclaim in India as well as overseas. Living a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother, Shankar sells toys for a living, but is addicted to alcohol.

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Goofs Near the end, Amitabh enters Amrish Puri's arena carrying an alligator on his back. Ramesh was a famous lawyer in those days. Karan Bali from Upperstall.

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