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Sousa also notes that the same person was Maestre of the Order of Aviz. According to Boece, Fleance was driven from Scotland into exile in Wales, where he had a liaison with a Welsh princess, a woman who came to be Walter's mother. In he won a notable victory against the Muslims in Santarem who were reduced to tributary status.

As such, it is probable that Walter possessed a degree of experience in the profession. His charter dated see below indicates that Guillaume was brought up by his maternal grandfather, receiving a German rather than French education, hence his subsequent nickname. Founded and became the first Abbess of the convent of Lorvano.

She founded the Abbaye des Ayes after the death of her husband. The primary source which confirms her second marriage has not yet been identified.

The former name is of Breton origin. Most authorities place Guy after his brother Hugues, but if his supposed birth date is correct Guy must have been one of the older sons. Sousa refers to the Chronica do Conde D.

For example, Walter granted this religious house a tithe from all his lands excepting North Kyle. Walter's priory at Paisley was dedicated in part to St James the Great. The year in which Afonso was born is uncertain.

In later generations, the personal name James became popular within the family. Etienne joined the Crusade some time after the death of his brother.

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Her rule caused resentment among local leaders, and she and her second husband were defeated and expelled from Portugal in by her son dom Afonso Henriquez. Walter was a member of the Fitz Alan family.

Walter was a benefactor of Melrose Abbey, and granted this religious house the lands of Mauchline in Ayrshire. To such kings, book dating guest speed royal authority depended upon their ability to give away territories in the peripheries of the realm.

Walter fitz Alan

Walter served as David's dapifer or senescallus steward. This man's violent demise resulted in a period of instability in the Isles, and there is reason to suspect that the islands of the Clyde began to form a new power bloc at about this time.

He moved his capital to Coimbra. The Braga charter must therefore be preferred. The primary source which confirms her name has not yet been identified. By this time, Raymond had acquired a commanding position in Castile as husband of the heir presumptive to the throne.

Previous to this, Alan had acted as steward to the bishops of Dol in Brittany. Until the emergence of more information, it is assumed that this person never existed and that he has been confused with the illegitimate son of King Afonso who was called Pedro see below.