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Also there should be a condensed-font style included if possible. The real name of the font is indeed Helvetica Neue.

Below you can see glyphs helvetica neue bold font. Does anyone know any other fonts similar to Helvetica Neue free for commercial use?

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How do we grade questions? Each font with a different weight has a different characteristic. Any help would be much appreciated.

If I use Helvetica Neue, which is bundled on my Mac, in a commercial logo, transform it to outlines but do not issue it as a useable font in the style guide, do I need to purchase a license? Roboto is a good neo-grotesque sans that can replace Helvetica. Have you checked this question? Keep in mind this is far from ideal in most cases but would allow you to avoid licensing costs and reduce the time it takes for your website to load since it will not be downloading fonts. Please make sure to include screenshot s of the font when recommending it.

The Type House Minneapolis Helvetica specimen booklet, c. Is a Fudgedicle the non-trademarked version?

Not exact, but as close as I can find at the the moment. The early phototype stuff on typositor was frequently just slants. The spacing varies slightly at least in Inkscape. Thank you for your interest in this question. It provides a comparison for others and a font screenshot will also improve your answer.

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Here are two samples from the early s. There are hundreds of different variants of Helvetica, Times, Arial, etc. You can find an abstract of the lincese in this link fontsquirrel.

Bojev, Did you per chance know Hobart Jackson from your Carbondale days? Swiss is more or less the same as the Linotype version. Whi i can't use Helvetica Neue Thin in my windows?

You can not post a blank message. Please refer to our disclaimer page. Font has condensed bold style. Whilst this answer the question, it would be preferable to edit your answer to include images of the fonts, and provide the link for reference. Helvetica is still one of the best selling sans-serif fonts.

This information is important for you to understand which font suits your screen and printing requirements. This is the same with the redrawn version known as the Helvetica Neue family. Also your second link is broken. But I will confirm that for you. Please make sure to include screenshots on font recommendations.

But you can get Helvetica Neue for web from Fonts. It comes pre-installed in almost?

For circumstantial reasons, the Linotype names are the ones that have predominated in the digital type era. It's interesting that some of the Typositor italics are simple slants. Commissioned by Google and released for free. The Helvetica family is available with fonts in different weights.

Try this font now. Use the input below to type your text string

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As of now the version on Google web fonts is still the old version but that is unlikely to remain the case. Helvetica Neue Light Condensed Oblique. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Hi Jordan, Please refer to our disclaimer page. Later, after customer complaints, they used redrawn versions. In other words, Medium is the new Bold. You can download this web font for free.

Please type your message and try again. The above sample has now been updated. Here are some good alternatives dsgn. This will also take some load off you server even though serving fonts isn't such a big deal. Helvetica Latin for Swiss has the objective and functional style which was associated with Swiss typography in the s and s.

Tex-Gyre-Heros is for me the best one. Chris, looks like you edited your post while I was writing mine. The regular weight is actually more of the text weight.

Everyone's been giving you names of fonts that look similar to Helvetica some more than others but depending on what kind of project it is that you're working on you might not need any of those. Share helvetica neue condensed bold font with your friends! The closest you may come to the exact HelveticatNeue on the Macintosh may be available from Monotype or Linotype on-line at their web sites. For the other Helvetica Neue like the standard one, other answers have been posted and they're pretty good. For instance, 18sx film Helvetica Medium was delivered by early personal computers when the font was named as Bold.

Do you know if there is any specific documents written that describe this? Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Share helvetica neue bold font with your friends! How does Swiss Medium compare? They have since rearranged their naming system. The person asking the question may find this helpful.

Helvetica Medium is actually a semibold face that achieved fame in the Modernist era where it was used as a display face over and over. So what is Helvetica Medium? Used as Android's default font.

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