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You can also take a look at your photos on your Windows Live and Facebook accounts. If you get the text then yes. Best MacBook Pro alternatives for Think different about your laptop options. Use it to sync these stuff between your computer and phone. People People People About the People hub When you set up your email and other accounts on your phone, your contacts are imported automatically into your People hub.

Several T-Mobile customers on Simple Choice plans are receiving a text message telling them that their voice lines are being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data. If you receive this upgrade from T-Mobile, your eligible voice lines will be automatically upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data. Major mobile device companies. This includes product development and joint collaboration in areas such as games, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, onenote for pc augmented reality and virtual reality.

You can also change the language on the fly whenever you like. On the Start screen, tap the Calendar tile. Changing The Ringtone Getting started Changing the ringtone Choose from the available selections of ringtones on your phone.

Your device is automatically made discoverable, and searches for Bluetooth devices within range. With the phone turned off, hold your phone securely with the front facing down. Settings Settings Settings Settings on your phone Control and customize phone settings on the Settings screen.

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The only thing they get discounted are their rate plans. After upgrading some Simple Choice customers to unlimited high-speed smartphone data earlier this year, it looks like T-Mo is now making another round of upgrades.

Tap the category below the search box for example, local or swipe left or right on the screen to check the other results for the other categories. Connection Setup Should I bring an umbrella today? Telecommunications equipment. Best video doorbells Searching for a new doorbell?

Best toaster ovens Toaster ovens are bulky, inefficient and outdated. It features Project Treble, which allows for faster updates after new versions of Android appear.

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Although initially successful as a smartphone vendor, competition from Apple Inc. Best dating sites Get swiping.

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Oculus Quest The best thing I've tried this year. Which select choice do you have? Turn your phone sideways to use a larger keyboard that lets you type easily using your thumbs. You can help by adding to it. Big security, small price Do you use beta software on your personal device?

Android One other smartphones. Here are some of our top picks.

Htc HD7 T-Mobile Manuals

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Now here's how to find one that's actually worth it. Here are your best options. In the search bar, enter the first few letters of the first or last name of the contact you are looking for.


What iPhone should you buy? Best MacBook Pro alternatives Think different about your laptop options. On the email account inbox, tap the email you want to read. Tap the search box, enter what you want to search for, and then tap keyboard. Status Icons Getting started Status icons You can tell a lot about your phone by checking the icons in its status bar.

Changing Display Settings Settings Applications settings Check or change the settings for some apps on your phone. Changing the phone language When you turn your phone on for the first time, you are asked to select the language you would like to use. Tap the app name on the list to see what settings are available.

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Tap the balloon to see more information. When you receive another call, tap answer to accept the second call, and to put the first call on hold. Slide your finger left or right to go to your audio or video podcasts. Unlocking The Screen Getting started Unlocking the screen When you see the lock screen, press the bottom of the screen and then slide your finger up to unlock the screen or answer an incoming call.

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Only for lines that have a paid data plan. On the conversations screen, all your sent and received messages are neatly grouped into conversations, by contact name or phone number.

Enter complete phone numbers or email addresses directly in the To field. The original photos are not touched. If you have an account already set up, press and hold people on top of the screen, and then tap settings. The company's transaction with Google will be reflected in its first quarter numbers.

Getting Directions Maps and location Viewing search results The search results will be displayed as markers on the map. Please use only original batteries and accessories that came with your phone or replacements that we recommend. Simply tap the top of the screen to show the status icons. Style doesn't have to cost a fortune Where should the fingerprint reader be on a phone? Battery Basics Battery Your phone uses a rechargeable battery.

With your thumb or finger, lift up the back cover from the small notch at the top of the phone. On the Start screen, tap the Phone tile. Index of articles Androidland Chromecast Google Java vs.

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