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Rusilko is excited to offer a male voice in a predominantly female authored genre. This book was extremely sexy and fun and it really made me want to buy the actual book. The appearance of our skin, hair and nails is dictated by how well our internal biochemistry is balanced. At Lifestyle Medicine, an integrative approach is taken when treating a hormonal imbalances. So imagine my shock when this prequel was really good.

Aesthetic Medicine

It was so easy to flow right along with this style. Rusilko, a review of the results and formation of the program.

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Managing these manifestations from the inside out allows for more power corrections and long lasting results. Ivan read a bit more smoothly for me.

Ivan Rusilko and who he is, but perfectly set the stage for what was in store for readers. Ivan Rusilko and loosely based on his romantic life. Even though the main character which is ultimately Ivan btw is pretty conceited to me, it was really written well. Ivan Rusilko and the practice he works for, plastic surgery, russian sexy girls dating cosmetic dentistry and sexolgist gives the reader a sense of beautiful people.

Hormone Revitalization

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He is proud to bring two of his passions, his medical wellness and sexual health background and writing together in this unique project. Follow-ups and routine monitoring ensure results and progress for all Lifestyle Medicine patients. The goal of each program at Lifestyle Medicine is to help the body regain the ability to naturally produce hormones and not rely on medication. Customized programs at Lifestyle Medicine consist of an in-depth hormonal screening panel, medical consultation with the Dr.

Yep, you know women will eat this up! Always one with a story to tell, he hopes to continue writing, exploring new genres and projects, as well as field future entertainment opportunities. Which, would have turned me off right away. Appetizers by co-authors Dr. It is just enough to pique your interest and want more!

Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond. Rusilko's debut as a writer of erotic romance.

In addition to health and wellness, he has a variety of interests and activities including event coordination, photography, writing, and politics. No need to ask what the dream cast of this book would look like. And, if I hadn't known, I would not have been able to tell you that this was Dr. Great way to not only introduce Dr. In addition to health and wellness, he has a variety of interests and activities Dr.