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This information may be retained as long as deemed relevant for purposes of supporting the App and your CallerTunes subscription. All Caller tune Songs are fully filmi songs and full of enjoyment. Let callers know your status When you can't answer. Please note that for this app to come into function fully both the parties must have installed the app on their phones. CallerTunes app is free to download and is available on any iPhone or Android device.

Email us at Ussupport listen. To access CallerTunes and status messages that you have purchased, tap the Menu button and visit My Library. You can preview in the CallerTunes storefront at my T-Mobile.

No need to choose between your favorite songs, you can collect them all! For purchases tap the Artist and Music title to bring up the Buy option. Subject to these terms and conditions, you are granted a non-exclusive and worldwide license to perform, display and use the App on your T-Mobile mobile device.

Feature not supported on Windows devices. Choose a status message to play to callers instead of music. Can Calculate your Credit Score for free. Upgrade and enjoy exclusive features.

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Now with Muzibo you can choose callertunes, preview callertunes, buy Caller Ringtone and manage callertunes like never before. Where Can I download the CallerTunes app? Can I move the CallerTunes on my current phone to a new cell phone?

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You now have a saved recording that you can play back to your callers while they wait for you to pick up. Back Terms and Conditions Search.

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How many songs can I add to my Playlist? When you cancel CallerTunes, your CallerTunes and your personal profile will be permanently deleted and your callers will hear the default ring again.

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You may not modify, copy, distribute, transfer or reverse engineer the App or alter, disable or circumvent any digital rights management security features embedded in the App. Or select the quick access menu in the app and click upgrade. You can set a video as your ringtone by using this app. Once deleted, you will need to purchase this item again.

How many calling party numbers can I have with my friends, family and co-worker groups? Back Special Person Trash. Choose what your group will hear.

Callers may not hear music depending on the length of your Personal Status Message recording. Available Credits Music Price. Your profile and library will be maintained and you will still be charged for the monthly subscription. Follow the same steps to create a group of people. CallerTunes credits are only applicable to specific subscription plans.

What happened to my Personal Intro-Greeting? When do my CallerTune credits refresh?

New Ringtones Now it is easy to set caller tune in geo to make your callers listen your favourite Bollywood song by set as a CallerTune for your Mobile number. The App is licensed to you by T-Mobile under these terms. What is CallerTunes status? To buy, simply tap on Artist and Track title. Sometimes you just want to share what you are up to!

Haha dear Imran, it requires both the parties to have the app installed, sardool sikander bhajan album thats why they have mentioned in description that share app with your friends and enjoy the tunes. Purchased credits do not expire.

Listen Latest Caller Tunes & Set Best Callertunes Online

Back Special Occasion Trash. CallerTunes will still work as long as you did not move to another mobile carrier. Change hair color and eye color instantly by this easy to use makeup tool. Access to purchased CallerTunes song clips will expire after twelve months from date of purchase.

Ringtone Maker Pro is powerful tool for all android device. We would love to hear from you! To stop, tap the same album art again.

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Select from large collection of songs across genres such as Bollywood, Regional, International, Instrumental, Devotional for Caller Tones. My Library formerly known as My Collection. Include free songs when Shuffle feature is enabled. CallerTunes Credits refresh every month at the beginning of your CallerTunes billing cycle.

CallerTunes powered by LISTEN

Yes, but first you will need to ensure that your boss has been added as one of your contacts. The Groups setting lets you set CallerTunes to play for the individuals you choose, every time they call you. Turn on Automatic Drive Detection and Drive will respond to inbound calls or text messages to keep distractions at a minimum.

Want to add a personal touch to every call? Choose from thousands of songs and status messages or add a personal touch and record your own. Back Exclusion List Trash. Select an existing contact or add a new person and customize settings for that person.

Can I preview the CallerTune before choosing to buy it? How much do CallerTunes cost? If you are paying charges for subscribing and activating a caller tune then here is one good news for you. The Shuffle feature enables your callers to hear CallerTunes chosen at random from your selection of purchased CallerTunes.

You will be able to view the expiration date for each CallerTune before you make the purchase. Once deleted, you will not be able to create another special occasion. Your CallerTunes credits refresh at the beginning of your CallerTunes billing cycle. How long can my Personal Status Message be?