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The guy i'm dating only texts me once a week, most Helpful Guy

Met him about year ago dated four months, sarah croce dating stopped dating and then he came back six months later and we started dating again. You too just merely dating. What you describe sounds like just casual dating.

They are not like doctors. And above all, do not bring up what are we, when are you going to commit, etc.

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Also what is reasonable timeframe to insist on commitment? LovelySerene My bf travels all around the U. FunTastyLady So this is crazy timing.

He would only text me once a week and only to make plans to go out. Have you voiced your concerns to him? And no I haven't voiced my concerns yet because I think it's too early to have that conversation. His interest seems very low and if he think because he made mistakes of going fast by leaving you hanging for two weeks is going to work, I think its just an excuse.

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Same goes for my guy, he works from am to pm every day and on the week-end, he also works one day either Saturday or Sunday all day. You practically wasted time with this one and not sure why because his behavior speaks volume for someone who definitely does not want to commit. This will make any man run for the hills. The next woman he ends up with might be the one that makes him commit. But like I said above, I guess I might be wrong, although I dont know how I'd even bring it up without putting pressure on him.

Morale of the story is that maybe you should come around to discussing the matter with him indirectly! If he is in his competitive mode, you are not likely to be in his mind frequent.

If you are going to secretly feel resentful or hope he changes his mind, I would break things off with him. You were smart not to sleep with him, so as V.

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No contact in between dates but when we were together things were awesome! This guy wont be comitting any time soon and neither should you be. That hurt because I wanted to be exclusive with him. Why make it such a big deal?

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He only texts once a week?!?!?

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If you can enjoy dating him for fun and also date other guys, then continue seeing him. But I do want it to progress eventually and I don't know how seeing each other only once a week really works towards that. Do you like him not calling and only texting once a week?

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Is he just interested in me casually or is he just insanely busy and I need to be patient? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Get out and have fun with others and dont rush to commit to anyone.