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You can now create hierarchical, vector data and image overlays in Google Earth Pro. There were several improvements to Street View in Google Earth. To work around this issue, run Earth in DirectX mode. Updated Movie Maker tool with new video formats. Fixed an issue with incorrectly measuring long distances.

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Wikipedia text displays in tours. Improved navigation in Street View inside buildings. As a workaround, install the Plugin when Firefox is closed. Tours with recorded audio not correctly saved. Crash in View in Maps if user logged in.

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Improved memory utilization in the application. The time slider in Sun and Historical Imagery features now displays the correct Daylight Savings time. Font and tilt settings now stick between sessions.

Measure distances and area. Explore the globe with a swipe of your finger. Improve handling of animated textures on the models.

Panoramic photos in cities layer and similar other panoramic photos were tilted with beta version. Enterprise version not longer connects to Google Oauth servers at startup. Google Earth is the most photorealistic, blake shelton based on a true story digital version of our planet.

Fix handling of drag and drop in left menu between folders. Some of the workarounds include increasing cache size from options menu, restoring defaults from options menu, restarting application and clearing memory cache. Fixed an issue where the title for panoramio pictures no longer appeared when hovering over panoramio icons with your mouse if scale legend was enabled. Please see system requirements for updated lists of recommended hardware.

Street View in Earth feels more immersive now due to wider field of view. Anisotropic filtering option has no effect. As a workaround, we suggest enabling Compatibility View. Improved overall stability by fixing multiple crashes seen since beta release. This prevents red directional arrows from displaying as a result of uncalibrated joysticks and other controllers being connected to Earth at startup.

When printing, the scale legend now displays correct distances. Startup Tips sometimes incorrectly positioned.

Fixed an issue where new place-marks added were with absolute altitude instead of being clamped to ground. Support generating tours from nested folders of placemarks. Elevation profiles display as blank on certain Mac configurations. Follow clues and track her down!

Take a guided tour around the globe with some of the world's leading storytellers, scientists, and nonprofits. On pause, open balloons are left open instead of closing them.

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If you are using windows platform, you can use DirectX mode. Incorrectly-localized user interface elements. Issues fixed in this release Google Earth Client We fixed the bug that prevented users from recording movies from saved tours. Terrain and Water Surface oddities exist at the antimeridian. Optimized amount of terrain and imagery data fetched while viewing photo overlays.

Gray buildings and extruded polygons have improved lighting effects. Fixed broken fly-to links within local kml files.

This allows ability to set altitude for all vertices through a single function call. It is now faster and smoother to use. We have included substantial performance improvements to this build. Earth honors cache settings more rigorously. You can also see measurements by selecting properties of an object now.

Polygons and image overlays now display correctly across the Antimeridian. Changes make it easier to measure and draw. Improved stability and memory consumption by Google Earth Application. Improved overall rendering performance.

Explore a collection of the most striking and enigmatic landscapes available in Google Earth. Experience Earth on any device. Improve tour creation so that the tour path has smooth interpolation.

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