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Conrad's lawyer in his divorce from Victoria. Malcolm comes to the Hamptons to find it why he lost contact with Kate. Until then, we can only make guesses and wish them best wishes for her future endeavors.

Margaux contacted White Gold when she needed her to help Victoria get away before she was found alive. Emily later uses his body to frame Mason Treadwell for his murder. Years later, he becomes the wealthy head of Harmon Investments through insider trading and other crimes.

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She and David appear to be getting close but at a party, Natalie suddenly acts as if David is attacking her. After her father-in-law, Edward, dies, Victoria expects to inherit his money but instead meets Natalie, who reveals that she was married to Edward when he died. Lind has a small heart-shaped face with light brown eyes and blonde hair.

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It's later revealed that Murphy was married to Kara Wallace Clarke and therefore is Emily's step-father. He and Daniel compete for a job at Grayson Global. Upon seeing Padma's corpse, Aiden kills Trask by snapping his neck, avenging the Laharis and Colleen.

Natalie is also active on Instagram and Twitter with thousands of followers. As per the some of the tabloid source, Natalie is in a dating relationship with boyfriend, Aramis Knigh who is also an actor. Having found a watch given to her by Conrad, pulse pounding heart stopping dating sim jamie David realizes Natalie and Conrad were lovers.

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Harmon, unaware of Emily's true identity, takes her on as a potential investor. Pascal is lured to the Hamptons by Conrad, who wants to go into business with him. He was killed when Gordon Murphy blew up the plane he was on. She contacts Margaux, telling her that she will give her information on Conrad.

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Natalie Alyn Lind

In exchange, her father, who has been held hostage by the Initiative, will be set free. He subsequently appears in prequel episodes where it is revealed that he helped in covering up the murder of a man who was threatening him which ends up having future impact on Jack. In the series finale, it is revealed that Marion died, and Victoria used her mother's body to fake her own death. Kenny becomes a partner in running the Stowaway. Emily learns of Miller through a journal missing from her Infinity Box, and poses as a Homeland Security agent to interrogate her.

Founder of Voulez and Margaux's father. Stevie returns to help Jack when he is arrested for drunk driving. He is his mother's pride and joy, and is helping her to drug Louise. Nolan discovers her ties to the Initiative, which she admits, but she states that she legitimately loves him.

Besides that, she has also bought an Audi car for her ride as well. Louise caught Lyman and they struggled over the memory stick, causing Lyman to lose his balance and fall to his death.

Frank also murdered Roger Halsted David's close friend and attempted to murder Lydia Davis to keep the duplicity a secret. Emily used the last two to undermine Conrad's trust in him and prompting Conrad to fire him. Six years later, Helen Crowley coerces Aiden into dispatching Victoria with old video footage of Colleen, but when he fails to comply with the demand he receives a video depicting his sister's death. It is later revealed that Daniel was never in danger as Conrad became part of the Initiative after Helen bailed him from jail when he was framed by Emily for Gordon Murphy's murder. Stevie attends Jack and Emily's wedding after the latter's revenge is finished.

Uncertain about her baby's paternity due to a one-night stand after leaving the Hamptons, Amanda asks Emily to ensure that the paternity test names Jack as the father. Lyman offers to help Victoria contest Edward Grayson's will, and asks for a large enough cut to fund his campaign. Kate came to the Hamptons to solve Conrad's murder and started a relationship with Jack.

So we are not sure about whether they are dating couple or not? Natalie seems pretty happy with her new mystery boyfriend and we hope she soon announces who is she dating. Pounder as Warden Sharon Stiles, Emily's former warden in juvenile detention.

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