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Wrong repagination, unreadable characters, or file inaccessibility is just a few things that can go wrong. If you have a copy of your document on another computer or sent it via email, you may still have a good copy of the document to work with. Before you can use the shadow copy feature, you must first configure it. Rebuild the file header by taking parts from other Word document file headers. Your text will be recovered, but any formatting or graphics will be lost.

Either of these may let you recover the text from your document. Warnings Sometimes, a file isn't savable.

10 ways to recover a corrupted Word document

If you emailed the document recently, check the Sent Items folder of your email program for the email that you attached the document to. Please, allow me to present you Stellar Phoenix Word Repair.

Help answer questions Learn more. By comparing them with the file header of your corrupt file, you may be able to identify corruption in its file header. You can then download it to a different folder on the computer where you found the corrupt file, or to another computer, to see if Word will open it. Is this article up to date? Making a backup copy of the file now may save you even more heartache later on.

Recovering documents created in Word gives you the ability to recuperate embedded media objects. Use Word's Open and Repair feature. Ein Word Dokument reparieren.

10 ways to recover a corrupted Word documentPreventing file corruption in the future

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The Previous Versions tab will show you any previous versions of the file that are available. These methods are not foolproof, and are more last resorts than reliable solutions.

This isn't really a recovery trick, but it is a crucial preliminary step. Configure and use shadow copy in Microsoft Windows Vista? Another popular product is Ontrack Easy Recovery. If so, a copy of the document may still be in Outlook's Sent Items folder, attached to the email message you sent. Lenovo's ambitious plan for the future of computing.

Just select the file in the Open dialog box and choose Open And Repair from the Open drop-down list in the bottom-right corner. Word Repair Tool can safely repair corrupted Word files while preserving the original style and formatting of the document. Note that this method is limited to documents in the Word format not docx or dotx files. If neither of Word's recovery features works, how to photofunia software you may need to use a third-party recovery application such OfficeRecovery or Ontrack Easy Recovery to repair your Word document.

In many cases, you may have emailed a copy of the document to someone at some point. Tips The best way to prevent having to repair corrupt Word documents is to save them regularly and back them up onto another computer or removable media on a regular basis. If a shadow copy of your document exists, it may be possible to recover a recent version of the document.

This amazing piece of software can repair Word documents in complete safely and in the same time preserve the original text, images, fonts, header, footer and hyperlinks of your document. What I can tell you is that if you use a file editor to examine multiple known good Word documents, it will quickly become apparent which bits each of the documents has in common. Read on to find our how easy it will be. You will lose Word formatting and nontext items such as graphics, but you should at least be able to extract most of the text information from the file. To do so, right-click on the document and select the Properties command from the shortcut menu.

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Cookies make wikiHow better. There are also steps you can take before using this feature that can assist you in recovering your information, and afterward, if Word's utilities don't work. After opening the converted document, you can then re-save a new version of the document in.

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Your document may not be corrupt. If your document featured extensive formatting, save it in. Save the document in a different file format.

3 Check your email

If you don't have a backup copy of the corrupt document readily available, make a copy of the corrupted file right away and store it on removable media. This feature repairs or attempts to repair Word documents on opening as a matter of course. Select the file you wish to open and repair in the Open dialog. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

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The steps below tell you how to recover your information and, if need be, how to attempt to repair a Word document. If the header was the portion of the document that was damaged, this technique will fix the problem. How you access this utility depends on your version of Word. Even if your file is corrupt, having a duplicate means you still have a chance to recover the information in it if you should accidentally destroy the file in trying to repair it. On the Properties dialog, select the Previous Versions tab and select one of the available versions listed.